Sunday, January 9, 2011

Found that on and it made me smile.

Chiefs play today against the Ravens in the playoffs.  They'd better win, otherwise I'm going to have a very unhappy husband at home.  I have a couple friends at the game today, and I feel jealous/bad for them.  Jealous because they're at a playoff game, but bad for them because with the windchill it's supposed to be 14 degrees out today.  EEK.

A full week of work ahead of me.  Haven't had that in 3 weeks.  I'm sure I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it.  UGH.


It was a pretty quick and quiet weekend.  Not really looking forward to the work week, but I will put a smile on my face and kill people with kindness if I have to.

Still coughing up a storm and I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose a lung in a minute here.  At least my abs are getting a good workout...but dang, it's wreaking havoc on my ears, throat, and chest.  I'd like to call in sick tomorrow, but I know that's not really a possibility. 

Until next time!

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