Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was a ridiculously good day, despite the fact that I had to bite my tongue so muchIt is getting harder and harder every day not to tell someone that they are a complete delusional idiot and I don’t actually want them to ever talk to me again.  Honestly, one of the many things I’m not going to miss about being here in Clovis.  Blarg.
Ben and I spent a lovely afternoon running around the base/Clovis.  He started the process of getting ABUs (goodbye handsome BDUs and your dark green coloring!), got food at Wendy’s (we had to, because we were both starving and we had to go to Walmartthat’s never a good thing), went to Pet Sense and got Margot a cat tree.  

As you can see, she freaking loves it.  It’s infused with cat nip, and I think she was pretty high for awhile.  Went to Walmart and got groceries for the next 2 weekshopefully I won’t have to go back for awhile!  Found the Big Sexy Hair pumpkin hair serum for SIXTY PERCENT OFF and then added a military discount to thatI paid $12 for 2 bottles, when one originally cost $15!  I’m quite happy with my purchase! 
Speaking of purchases, these will be here on the 19th:

Yeah, found them for cheap (thanks, a lot ebayoh wait, you wanted $50 not including shipping.  EFF YOU).
Had a fantastic night last night with Elsa and Alexis.  I really like those girls.  You can pretty much talk about whatever and know that your words aren’t being twisted around or the things you say aren’t going to be used against you later.  Ahhh.  Too bad They got here so late.  It would be nice to have had them the entire 2 years I’ve lived in Clovis!
Does anyone else get super offended when compared to someone you completely despise (even if it’s not a bad thing that someone is comparing)?  I do!  It makes me want to just freak out when I’m compared to some of the people out here, even associated with them!

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ashley said...

love those flats. jeeeeaaalous!