Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good gravy, I'm tired.

I was in the car for 11 hours, luckily it was with someone I ADORE.

Here are some things I learned today:
1. As soon as you hit Oklahoma, expect humidity and beautiful greenery. (Neither of which occur in Clovis)
2. David Cross is only funny when playing Tobias on Arrested Development.  His stand up cd is 1/4 jokes, 3/4 political/religious rambling.
3. Aziz Ansari is HILARIOUS and I love him.
4. Businesses on I-40 like giant American flags.
5. Falling asleep at an incline with your hand over your head leads to your entire arm falling asleep painfully.
6. Bugs splat really hard and make a mess when hit going 78mph (not that we were speeding or anything)
7. The person at our house taking care of things is awesome.
8. My brother is a giant (although 7 years younger than me).
9. I will always feel at home at my parents' house.
10. Eating friend mushrooms fast is not smart because you don't enjoy the flavor.

Anyway, that's my post.  I'm going to go fall into a coma...slash fall asleep.

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