Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1. need to go shopping.
2. want my laptop back.
3. wish I could get my little mermaid tattoo.
4. went through a bunch of old stuff in storage.
5. really miss my pets. 
6. just made some brownies.
7. can't wait for Eclipse to come out.
8. wish I had True Blood season 2 on my hard drive.
9. got a beautiful bike yesterday.  Not sure of the year (I think it's a 1968), but it's a chocolate brown Schwinn Suburban. 
10. need to get new tires for my new Schwinn Suburban.
11. have a ton of pictures to go through here and in New Mexico.
12. have a lot of new painting ideas.
13. really really really need a haircut.
14. am excited about our 2 year photo shoot when we get back.
15. love popsicles.
16. am starting to grow cilantro. 
17. loved Toy Story 3.
18. want to go to PF Changs sometime when we're out in MO.
19. had Jack Stack BBQ yesterday and it was delicious.
20. think that some people (and I won't name names) should have never been able to have kids...ever ever ever.

That is all.

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