Friday, June 11, 2010

So here's the thing:

If you don't want my opinion or thoughts, don't freaking ask for it.  If you're just going to blow off what I say, then what's the point of me wasting my freaking breath?
That's so irritating.

I'm out of canvases again.  I guess it's ok, since we're going to Missouri tomorrow, but STILL.  I don't like it that I can't pick up and paint if I wanted to.  Ah well.

Another friend asked me to do a painting for her.  She wants one similar to the one I did yesterday of the family.  She's got a new baby, so that should be challenging.  Never painted a baby before.  Hopefully I can make it look right.  I've got the idea of how I want it to look in my head.

Things I need to do today:
1. fold clothes and pack them
2. go over list of stuff to not forget and make sure I do not forget them
3. vacuum the house again
4. make sweet and sour chicken
5. pick up bedroom
6. make instructions for the care of our animals while we're gone for the person who is house sitting for us
7. try and not get irritated
8. take the dogs for a walk (after 6 so I won't die of heatstroke on the way)
9. shower
10. get passport picture taken

I like to have at least 10 things on my "to do" lists.

OK, Off to fold clothing.

Hopefully I will go swimming this weekend and remain the chicken champion!

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