Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good thing my mom has a netbook!

Yesterday was a blast! 
Took my laptop in and told them everything that I was having problems with.  He wrote down everything and was super friendly about all of it. Hopefully it'll come back soon.  So glad Ben got me that external hard drive so I could back up all my pictures and stuff!

We went to PetCo after that and checked out all the small animals.  Totally wish it was an adoption day, but oh well. 

Went to Target and...shocker...didn't find anything I liked.  Target has not been my friend lately when it comes to clothing.  They ONLY carry black or gray leggings in the store.  What about all the other colors that are online?  I want pink and turquoise!  The gray ones just look like tight sweatpants, the material on them doesn't seem like it'd be cute with a skirt or whatever.  OH WELL.

Went to Old Navy and got 3 different black shirts.  Didn't necessarily mean to, but it just worked out that way.  Found a black tank that I had wanted at the Old Navy in Albuquerque, but they didn't have a small!  Good thing Lee's Summit did! 

Had lunch at Panda Express, Jack's treat.  It was quite delicious. 

Bath and Body Works is having their giant sale, so Mom and I checked it out.  They're discontinuing Butterfly Flowers!  I love that scent.  So warm and floral, and it's wierd because I'm not a floral person typically.  I got lotion of that and then a Vanilla Coconut cooling mist that they weren't going to have anymore.  I think it'll feel really good after showering or swimming at the pool.  Smells great too. 

Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their canvases...40% OFF!  It was amazing.  I got 8 new canvases, a new set of small paintbrushes, and a photo organizer box (giraffe print, of course) for $22.  What a freaking DEAL! 

Came home and Ben came over.  We headed up north to see the JBays and to pick up a really cool 1983 bike that Justin was selling to Ben.  Got some dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (par/garlic boneless wings, I could eat you alllllllll day!), and hung out for a bit.  Hopefully, we'll get to see them more than just that and however long they stay at my birthday party. 

Went over to Chip's afterwards and hung out with him and Mary.  Sat out on the front porch just talking and laughing.

I freaking love being in Missouri. 

Brent is cutting my hair tomorrow, and it couldn't have happened soon enough.  I need shorter hair, the upkeep is getting ridiculous and I have no one in Clovis that I really trust anymore to cut my hair correctly.  My hair is still uneven in the front from the last time someone cut it.  I really need to just go to Brent.  He's a hair whiz.  Always makes people look great.  I'm just gonna put my trust in his hands and hopefully get some discounted salon stuff. 
I miss my babies quite a bit and hope that everything is going smoothly.  According to Barnes, everything is great!  I know I shouldn't worry with him around, he adores all 3 of our pets!

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