Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another day in my life...

Ben and I decided to rent 5 movies last night to watch over this Labor Day weekend.  We got movies that we know we should have seen before, but we just never got around to.  They are:
Insomnia (just finished)
Man on the Moon
Caddy Shack
Animal House

Robin Williams plays such a good villain in the stuff he's done.  He should completely make the switch from comedy to dark stuff.  Jim Carrey is the same way for me.  I much prefer him in his serious roles rather than his comedic roles.  Exceptions to that are: Dumb and Dumber (obviously a classic) and most recently, Yes Man.

Saw Machete last night.  It was brilliant.  Despite the obvious undertones of political immigration opinions, the movie was well written with just the right amount of gore and action.  It wasn't too cheesy like The Expendables (which was super lame), and the violence didn't look like it was CGI from 1995.  The actors were well chosen (yes, even Lindsay Lohan who played a drugged out whore...what a stretch).  Cheech played a BA priest, Don Johnson a vigilante hell bent on shooting the immigrants as they crossed the border, Dinero a Senator and secretly a vigilante who was working with the very people he despised.  Segal played a Mexican (it was a stretch), and he looks so weird, but not as bad as Stallone (who my husband so aptly put, "looks like he's melting).  Great movie, can't wait for the trilogy.

Not sure what we're doing this weekend, but I do know that I want it to be relaxing.  I've got way too much on my mind with Japan, my medical clearance, working at the schools here in town, getting a record of all of our belongings (because the movers are packing it and I don't trust ANYONE and all of my belongings are important).  I'm also worrying about my aunt.  She's living with my mom and dad now with my youngest cousin.
Mike is at their house (trying to turn people against my aunt and doing home repairs that needed to be done 10 years ago. Perhaps he's getting it ready for his whore, maybe he's doing it now that she's gone just to be mean, who knows.)  He also told her he'll be in Florida for the weekend for "work".  Really?  A concrete convention on Labor Day weekend?  In a town that just happens to be right on the coast?  I've got the number to the place that it's supposedly happening at, and I'm going to call it on Tuesday to see if it was true.  I highly doubt it.  He's such a liar, and it makes me so sad that this is happening to her.  My aunt is one of the most wonderful and kind people that I know and it just sucks that something this bad is happening to her.

Some lady in Japan may have me do letters for her new daughter's room, so I did a sample letter for her in the design she wants:

And on that happy note, I'm going to go watch another movie with Ben.

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