Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yesterday, I discovered that the 2 mile track around my housing area is a very enjoyable bike ride, especially with an ipod strapped to my arm blaring really awesome music into my ears.  I think this is going to be a new nightly ritual for me.  Walked the dogs too.  Maybe I'll walk them along that track instead of through the neighborhoods.

Not too happy with the school district around here.  None of them seem to know exactly the right information or they know not enough of it.  If you work in the same building as another, shouldn't there be some kind of communication?  Even if you're too lazy to visit another department, can't you just simply email others?  I guess that for some of these people collecting paychecks from the state (4 people doing the job of 1 or 2), it constitutes as too much work.  Whatever.

I'm going to go hang out with a friend tonight at her son's soccer practice.  Should be a good visit.

Got the car sold!  We'll pay a little out of pocket for everything to go through, but that's one thing off of my plate.  Got the initial paperwork sent in to Japan.  Not approved yet, because we don't have a flight number/date because the stupid base here isn't doing their part (don't even get me started on them again), but I got my stuff sent in and have been in contact with a very nice person from Japan who is being really helpful.

I need to count my blessings and the positive things that are happening in my life so that I can overcome the stupid stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Here are the positive things happening right now:
1. Got the car sold.
2. I've had steady sub work.
3. I got to be at Cameo for 5 days and absolutely loved it.
4. I did 2 paintings for Colsie, one she's buying for a friend!
5. I did a really cool zombie painting and it turned out REALLY cool.
6. Got my pet paperwork turned into the Narita airport.
7. Husband has been doing P90X and is looking ever more fly than usual.
8. I'm having a good time with the girls around here lately.
9. I've been getting more motivated to continue to take pictures of our belongings for the movers to pack up.
10. Even though I don't know the exact date I'm leaving, I am still looking forward to going home to MO and seeing all my friends and family!

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