Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've been feeling quite overwhelmed lately due to the lack of work ethic of certain people who didn't send off my paperwork for Yokota and keep making excuses...therefor delaying EVERYTHING we need to do for Japan...

So I've decided to make a list of positive things that are happening right now to keep me on the right track.

1. I've been subbing consistently since school began and both schools that have had me love me.
2. I've been painting a lot and have been painting for people and they are liking what I've done for them.
3. The pets have reserved spots at the kennel in Yokota until we get a garden unit.
4. We finally have a buyer for our Pontiac.
5. I have people here who will stand up for me, even when it's tough.
6. Ben is dealing with the inefficient people and the paperwork because they're not listening to me.
7. I'm having a blast working at Cameo.
8. My family seems to be doing pretty well at the moment, and that's always good.
9. I have people praying for me.
10.  I am going to have wine with my ladies tomorrow night and it will be a blast.

Those things alone should keep me on the up and up.  Gotta remember not to let the stuff that I can't control get me down...because it WILL work out.

I go to the Rapcon tomorrow to get a handwritten and verbal apology from the guy who watched my house this summer.  Not only did he leave my house a disgusting mess, neglect my animals, and lie to me about those things...but he also lied and told me that another person went through my drawers and snooped.  Once I emailed his supervisor (who is like a father to me out here in New Mexico) and told him what happened, the confessions came flying.  I'm going to have to keep my house locked up safe though, because I have a feeling that he'll try some kind of retaliation.  Not sure what, but it worries me.  If he's able to completely neglect my pets while he's supposed to be caring for them, what will he do now that I've got him in trouble at work and must apologize to me?  Luckily, we're not here much longer and will be at the house most of the time. 


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