Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Subbed at Cameo today (as my friend Paco put it, "You're making a cameo at Cameo!"-love that guy).   Saw almost all my little ones from last year and they were so happy to see me!  I can't believe how much I missed them...and missed being at that school.  I really really loved being there, and I'm sad that I only got one year, but incredibly grateful that I got that year.

Thank goodness for coffee though...I was up 6 or 7 times in the night cleaning up throw up from Rilo.  It was all bile, not sure what made her tummy hurt so bad.  I triple checked her vaccinations before falling asleep and she's all current.  I was so worried though (after the very last vomit) that I didn't fall asleep for about 40 minutes.  Not good when you have to be up at 6am for work.  Tried to keep it quiet though, for Ben, since he has to be up at 5am.  Sleeping in tomorrow though, cause it's my day off!  Had Ben watch Rilo this morn as he let them out and he said that she was acting normal.  I set her up on the loveseat with her favorite blankie before I left for work.  Came home, no vomit, and she's acting normal.  Must not have been a sickness, just an upset tummy.  I have water in there for them now in the night, just in case.

People on base with my medical clearance are about to get in some serious trouble with Ben's first sgt.  They've put off our paper work to get cleared to go to Japan for a MONTH (this was after making me wait a month to even have an appointment to see the dr.).  Dr. called me today and asked me the exact same questions he did when I saw him the first time.  Lady at Tricare seems to not remember a conversation that we had last week...making more work for me.  I told Ben today that I just couldn't do any more because I'm not military and they're obviously treating me like I'm an idiot.  Ben got some higher up people involved in it (because they're holding our official orders until all this clears), so hopefully it'll be taken care of soon.

All in all, a stressful evening.  Luckily, we have Dexter season 4 to watch (just got done with episode 6).  Love that show.

More picture taking tomorrow, this time of our game systems and games other than Nintendo.  Also furniture in the living room.  Little by little, I'll have it all done, just gotta keep on moving forward.

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