Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Weekend

Ok, so we're keeping our Element.  Ben learned that TMO (the movers) will store it for us for free here in the States while we're gone AND USAA won't charge us for insurance while we're away.  He said, "I think it'd be nice to come home to a car that's fully paid off with less than 20000 miles on it."
Yeah, I agree.

We also learned that we will receive a "spouse relocation allowance" for making me quit my job to move.  It's basically a month's worth of pay all at once when we get to Japan.  Pretty nice, if you ask me!  Wasn't expecting that, but I'm thankful for it, especially since I did have a great job that I had to quit because of our orders.

Last night we scrapbooked.  It was pretty fun, but I need to print off some more pictures.  For sure.  I have all these brilliant ideas, but just not the right pictures...or the right papers to go with everything. 

You know those blinders that horses that pulled carriages wore? 

I think my husband has an invisible pair that he wears when he plays video games.  Right now, the game is Red Dead Redemption.  Every time I look up, he's either riding off into the sunset on a horse or killing cougars or coyotes.  Doesn't look all that interesting, but he seems to like it.  Whatev.

Working on 2 paintings.  One for my mom, one for my aunt.  I'm really enjoying them so far. 
Got paid for the painting I did for Colsie, but I forgot to take a picture of it!  I'm sure she'll take one for me.  Her husband was like, "Let's put it here...." and she said, "No, we're not keeping it, it's a gift!"  He said, "Maybe we'll just have to get another one done then."
Makes me feel really good that people like my stuff.  Not like I'm a professional or anything, but I'm really glad that it's enjoyed. 

We're going to a picnic today for one of the people who was in charge of the tower during all the big checks and visits from the big wigs.  Should be fun.Hanging out with friends tonight. 

Tomorrow is Ben watches football on base day and Danielle gets stuff done around the house day.  I don't mind.  It's hard to do stuff when he's here just because I have a system.  He said he'd take me to see Dinner for Schmucks tomorrow evening too.

Well, I think it's shower time.

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