Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here I sit, with coffee watching Glee

Glee makes me miss show choir sooooooooo much.  I miss being onstage and performing...

It's cloudy and crisp with just a hint of a breeze outside today.  I think I'm going to light one of my fall scented candles...because that would just complete it.  I love fall and can't wait until the weather totally changes over from disgustingly hot (like it was last week) to comfortable weather.

I'll say something.
Sincere apologies hold a lot of weight with me.  So does the truth.
Having done neither, I know 2 young men in a lot of trouble right now due to the lack of respect and the push of an angry friend. I'm not going to go into details, but I will say that I just sent an email to my very good friend (who is like a father to me) here at Cannon who I don't think will take the information I have let him know in a good way.  Unfortunately for the 2 young men mentioned above, they will be around when the email is read and will probably be ostracized.  One of the young men isn't even welcome at anyone's homes anymore.  That's what you get though, especially when you are so disrespectful to me here.  I am friends with everyone and have helped out everyone.  It was a mistake of their's, and now they'll have to accept what comes.
Ben was a bit apprehensive about me telling my friend what happened (due to past circumstances), but while we were at a friend's house, he said, "Actually, you know, things would be different if either one of them apologized about it to either of us."
Too true, Ben, too true.

And now, some happy pictures!
Ben and Margot playing Call of Duty
Waiting for me to throw a toy!
Sleeping...comfortably? Yes, those are my legs.

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