Thursday, August 11, 2011

YAY! I made scones!


Margot is always pleased to be laying on my belly.  Even when Baby Ward kicks her.

He isn't spoiled at all.  (Resting after a walk)

My sweet girl.

Ben and I are a great team.  A friend needed an emergency sitter for tonight, and we said we'd help out.  She has a son (12?), and 2 daughters (3 and less than a year).  I began to make dinner (BREAKFAST!), and Ben hung out with the kids.  Got her son set up on Halo, helped the 3 year old play with the dogs, and played with the baby.  When the baby got fussy, he began to feed her, but she wasn't having it.  So we switched.  He took over dinner while I fed the baby.  We bot got everyone's plates ready, and while they ate, I took the baby into the nursery and laid down in bed with her.  She fought sleep, but sleep won.  I went to go get my dinner and Ben had cleaned up most of the kitchen (the remainder of stuff that was left out was stuff I'd need for my dinner).
I'm a lucky girl.
He's a lucky boy.
We're a happy family.

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