Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I:

* Sketched Elsa's painting onto canvas.  Just have to add the black and it'll be done!

*Did some paperwork.

*Watched a movie.

*Watched my girl dog hump my boy dog's head.

*Watched people get their ears candled.

*Got really bored at work.

*Was driven crazy by my dogs who want to go for a walk when it's still pretty hot outside.

*Ate pizza and strawberries.

*Did laundry.

I haven't even done very much, but I'm pretty exhausted.

Ok, so if I said that last statement out loud to anyone recently, I'd usually get this reply, "Well if you think you're tired now, just wait until the baby comes!"  or something else about how I'm going to get less sleep once she's born.  AS IF I'M NOT AWARE AND IT'S SOME KIND OF JOKE SURPRISE I'LL GET IN NOVEMBER.  As if I'm totally not aware that I'm going to be tired when she gets here with the nighttime wake ups, breastfeeding, etc...
As if moms need to tell expectant mothers this while laughing.  Let me just tell you, it's freaking annoying.  It makes me want to slap them when they say it.
I have a right to be tired now, just like I have a right to be tired after I give birth.  I wish I could expect people to comprehend how stupidly annoying they're being, but it seems like common sense and courtesy fly out the window sometimes from mom to mom.  I will remember all these rude and irritating comments I'm getting now and will do a good deed by not saying them to an expectant mom in the future.
Another fun comment I'm getting is something to the extent of, "Oh you have no idea about [insert ANYTHING here] until you have a baby!"  Obviously I don't know how exactly things will be AFTER she is born because SHE ISN'T BORN YET.  So right now, I can say what I want about how I'm feeling or any subject and it is OK.

Goodness gracious, is it that hard to comprehend?!

I read before getting pregnant, and I used to think comments like this were atrocious when sent in as screenshots.  It's even WORSE hearing it firsthand and having it on my own facebook wall.


Ben and I rearranged furniture in our bedroom last night (and by we, I mean he and some friends moved it).  I cleaned up and mopped.  It really opened up the room a lot and gave us some more room.  We also got the treadmill out of the nursery, so that's going to be my project this weekend....arranging it how I want it!

That's all for now, I'm going to take my dogs out for a walk before they have heart attacks.  Holy moly.

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