Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Furniture will be here TOMORROW!

...however...the desk and dresser are STILL in the nursery, so we can't set it up yet.  Lame.

There are plenty of dudes Ben works with, they should just come over tomorrow and move that out!

In other news, I saw my belly move while Baby Ward was kicking last night.  It was pretty rad/weird.  Ben suggested the name Ariel again.  As much as I like The Little Mermaid and what the name means (Lioness of God), I just don't think it fits her.  I can't really explain WHY I feel like that already, but I do.  It just doesn't fit. And I don't think Ariel Jean sounds as good as Gwendolyn Jean or Zoe Jean.

For non-baby news:
I made a complaint about my experience at the movie theater here in town, and I was sent 4 free passes for any movie anytime!  When Ben and I had looked at movie times online, the movie was shown to have a 3pm start time.  When we got to the theater at 2:30ish, the 2 people working the ticket counter were having a conversation and were messing up on other people's orders ahead of us.  When it was my turn, I said, "2 for Crazy Stupid Love at 3, please."  She looked at me and said, "What movie?"  Ben repeated it, and she finally understood what we were saying.  She then ran my card and as she's handing me the ticket stubs, she says, "And that's at 4:30, not 3."  I said, "Oh, online it said 3."  She replied snottily, "NO.  Harry Potter is at 3."  and then just dismissed me.  I was slightly irritated.   Before that, we had gone out to lunch at Jaliscos in town, and had the WORST waitress.  Firstly, she was confused by "chicken taco salad".  She didn't actually know what I wanted.  I had to break it down for her.  Our food came out before our drinks did.  We had to ask for our drinks 3 times and for more chips and salsa 2 or 3 times.  We also had to ask for the chili sauce that is supposed to come with the burritos.  To make matters worse, she was scarcely around, so we had to wait to ask.  This was just the last irritation.
I got a really nice email from the manager and she mailed them out promptly.  Very nice.

Still waiting to hear from either school that I interviewed at.  There was a freeze put on the positions, but apparently that was lifted today and the approvals should have gone out today.  Yeah, we'll see.  I will call tomorrow if I haven't heard anything by noonish.  I don't want to be a bother, but I do want to start preparing my classroom (best case scenario) or decide if I want to sub or be an EA this year.  Ugh.

And, my love for Matt Damon grew after watching this video.

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