Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The sandwich effect.

6 months today!

I didn't end up getting the job.  

My name was put in for the teaching position, but at the last minute the district decided to shut down another classroom at another school and just transfer a teacher over instead of hiring someone new.  

Cram more kids into a classroom so that the district can save money.

Because that'll help our AYP (annual yearly progress), right?  (That's how schools get funding each year)  More students with less teachers.

There are positions at the district office being done by 3-4 people that should be done by 1 or 2.  That's where our money is going...instead of into the schools to help our kids and teachers.  Have the people who run the district really been out of the classroom long enough to not remember how things actually work?  

This system is really messed up, and I'm not just saying that because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a job out here. One principal told me that 45 people applied for ONE position.  That is how awful it is out here right now.  

I honestly can't wait to get orders out of here.  A teaching job would have made me hate this place less.  I've been positive for over 3 years, and I'm just done with this place.  The majority of the people out here suck, it's dirty, the restaurants/stores in town don't even try because there's no where else to go, it's ugly, and you have to drive 2 hours to get any kind of break from this place.  

Sorry for the negativity, but there aren't a lot of upsides to this town.  I'm just thankful that Ben is here with me.  You can surely bet that when/if he gets deployed, I'm fleeing from this town back to Missouri.  My mom and dad talked this morning, and if I came back while Ben was deployed, I wouldn't have to pay for rent/utilities/groceries and they'd fence in the backyard for my dogs.  
Yeah, my parents rule.  


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