Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 year anniversary pics/I started p90x (fml)

Just a preview from the anniversary shoot from the lovely Megan Haney:

Ben and I started P90X today.  My legs feel like jello.  This can't be a good thing.  Maybe I'll look slammin' by the time we get to Japan though.  Cooled off (in the NM heat??!!) after the workout by taking the pups for a walk.  We're all laying on the couch now, they're passed out...I'm about to.  I think Margot is hiding in the box that our resistance bands came in today. 

Things to do tomorrow: (this is a for real, seriously need to get these things done tomorrow list)
1. Pick up the car from the dealership.
2. Make a doctor's appointment.
3. Call the dentist. (iick)
4. Take the pets in to get weighed in their kennels.
5. Send my passport info in with Ben to get finished.
6. Call the CDC.

I think that's all.  None of that will get done until I have my coffee though. (At least 2 cups)

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