Monday, July 5, 2010

Start thinking happy thoughts!

Ok, so I don't like things not being organized, nor do I like not being told the entire story about things.  Earlier in June I was informed that I had a job at Camp Inventions at the end of July.  The woman in charge planned a meeting for the day after I left for MO.  Luckily, I was not the only person that it didn't work for.  She set a new date for 2 weeks later.  I called her the night before the newly scheduled meeting and she had "just been too busy" to get on her email (for TWO WEEKS) to let us know that day wouldn't work for her anymore.  So she rescheduled.  And then again.  And then again. 
We don't have the curriculum nor do we know which part of the camp we'll be teaching, and it's the last week of July.  Not a lot of time to prepare.

Then I get an email from her setting a NEW meeting time for the week before camp.  She also informs me that we're only at 42 kids right now and if we don't hit 60, I won't have a job.  WTF?

That's not what I was told at the beginning of June when she called and OFFERED ME A JOB. 

I'm slightly irritated at all of this.  Funny thing though...I met a girl the other night who works at the CDC (child care) on base and she says they're hiring.  She doesn't have a degree and makes $17 an hour and works 32 hours a week.  That is beyond awesome.  Come tomorrow, I will be driving my happy self on base and applying there.  If I get hired, I will be saying good-bye to Camp Inventions.

I don't like getting the run around and I don't like how unorganized it is.

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