Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had my interview yesterday, and she seemed to like me a lot.  Hopefully my paperwork will get sent in to HR super quick and I start working soon.  If not, I'll just sub every single day cause that'd pay as much, I think.
Working the camp.  I really don't want to.  I thought it was going to be a lot different than it really was.  The director doesn't seem to have her head screwed on straight and has misinformed me 2 or 3 times as well as not scheduling or running meetings efficiently.  It's very frustrating.  Now, I'm making phone calls that she is supposed to make, but pushed it off on the teachers.

I need to get up to Best Buy.  My computer is still effed up.  The sounds it's making is WAY worse than what it was before.  Probably because they're all asshats.

I painted a picture for my aunt last night.  Not finished yet, I'd like to get a few more details on it before I call it done.

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ashley said...

i love the word, "asshats".