Monday, July 19, 2010

I think Otis got out the back fence today

His dreams of playing with the neighbor dog have been fulfilled.
Somehow, our fence got open, and he got out.  I'm sure he did, because I didn't see him out back, and he didn't come to the door when I opened it.  Rilo was barking from inside, and Ben went out and saw the gate was wide open.  At this point in the day, Otis would usually be jumping all over the place dying to go for a walk.  Instead, he's passed out on his blanket in the middle of the living room.  All signs point to him getting out and coming right back.
What a good boy!

Now, I need get off this damn computer and take a shower.  My house is a wreck and it needs to be taken care of.  (Because then we can watch Episode 5 of True Blood-season 3)

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