Saturday, July 10, 2010

My "To Do" List Today:

1. Take nursery letters to baby shop in the mall.  Hopefully sell some!
2. Get new hermit crab.
3. Gauge ears.
4. Scrapbook.
5. Clean floors.
6. Walk dogs.

Not a terribly big list, but still lots that need to be done!

I really want THIS shirt or hoodie.  Medium shirt, small hoodie, please.


Got everything except number 4 done.  It's OK.  New crab is Freddy Mercrabby.  I think any non dog/cat pet I get from now on will be named after dead musicians.  I've already got John Lennoncrab.

Girls' night's hoping it's filled with laughter, games, and definitely some wine.  If anyone out there reading this likes wine (or maybe isn't too sure), I recommend Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc.  It's a New Zealand wine with a very tangy (not dry) taste that is attributed to grapefruit.  It's delicious.  Not too sweet, not dry at all, and goes well with lots of different dinners!

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