Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm so smart!

I figured out how to put videos on my ipod that I have on my computer.  Now Ben and I will have some more entertainment on our 14 hour plane ride to Japan in October.  I'm quite proud of myself!  Right now, True Blood Season 1 is getting put on my Itunes. 

I've got several movies/tv shows that I will be doing this to. 

Getting our 2 year anniversary pictures taken soon!  The fabulous Megan Haney is taking our's.  Here are the pictures from last year:

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yun said...

Hey there, happy 2nd anniversary, lovely photos you have there. I especially like the 3rd last one in the field (at least i think it's a field); great lighting and the emotion come across nicely. Hope the trip went well. (: