Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A letter to my cheating uncle

You are no longer my "Uncle Mikey".  You threw that title away when you decided to throw your family away.  When you decided to take up with another woman while your family was at home, you also decided to leave behind the last 20+ years of your life and memories.

When you were out spending money on this cheap replacement, did you ever once pause to think about your wife and children at home eating ramen noodles and wearing clothing with holes in them?  Did you stop to think about the amount of things that they have had to give up so that you could have your play things (motorcycles, dogs, 4 wheelers)?  Why is it more important for you to have THINGS when your family wasn't getting taken care of?  When you were buying alcohol for you and this woman, did you feel any guilt?  When you were CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE, did you even think about the repercussions?

No, you didn't, and that's why your choices have landed you in the situation that you're in right now.  You don't have any resemblance of a family left.  You're not close with your own mother or brother, WE were the only family that you had left.  I've known you almost my entire life and loved you so much, and now I don't think I could bring myself to spare you a passing glance.  To me, you're no more than a stranger.  I no longer look up to you, and brag to my friends about how you'd take me to concerts.  No, because those memories are tainted by how you treated my family.   Your children have seen how you treated Mary, and hopefully that doesn't taint their future relationships.  You're a horrible example to them.

I guess we see now why you've been at that concrete plant for so long and are still a lower level position.  I mean, you were up for a promotion, and they looked right over you WHILE you were doing the work!  They must have already known what kind of person you are and that you couldn't handle a higher position.  What kind of person is at a job for as long as you are and can't move up ranks?  That's really sad.  More sad for your family, because they had to deal with the financial burden of you not having a good job while you spent what little money you had on your motorcycles and toys down in the basement...and then more recently, some slutty girl that broke up your marriage.  I know you spent Aunt Mary's inheritance on your stupid toys too, and probably the other woman as well.  Took all of her money (and it is her's, no matter how you look at it.) and spent it.  What a selfish little man you are.  So pathetic that you have to spend your wife's inheritance money because you don't make enough at your own job.  And don't tell me you were taking care of them.  I know the truth.  Most of your money went to YOUR stuff while Aunt Mary stayed at home and raised your children and dealt with all the dogs.  Being a housewife doesn't pay, but it's still a job.
You allowed Drake to go most (if not all) of the winter wearing shorts because he didn't have pants that fit him.  You bring home ingredients to make yourself lunches for work while your children and Aunt Mary are eating ramen noodles.  Can't you see how selfish and ultimately wrong that is?

You are such a little man, you have to trip out on what little power you have.  Everyone has to bow to you because you make the money (and spend it all, especially on loose women it seems...).  Well guess what?  That's not actually how a REAL man behaves.  A real man takes care of his family (and doesn't go out with his loser friends to bars and hook up with other women).  A REAL man accepts his responsibilities and can work through problems (unlike you, who complains that you had to grow up too fast.  WAH.  So do a LOT of people and they don't turn out to be like you).
Stop blaming Aunt Mary for your shortcomings. It is YOUR fault that this has happened.  You had the option to tell her what you were upset or unhappy about, but instead, you were cowardly and just decided to cheat.  Don't blame her for that.  It's all on you.  Take some responsibility.   I guess you would have to be a real man to do that, and you're not.  You're a little boy who always wants more than what he has and lost it all.  Good for you.

What makes me sick now, is thinking about how you took your kids out bowling with your loser friend Keith and left your wife at home on her night off.  Oh sure, you didn't want her there because the low life woman you've been cheating on her with was going to be there.  YOUR KIDS KNOW.  I will NOT let you try and turn them against my aunt.  You are NOTHING.  That is such a disgusting thing to do...bringing your kids around your cheap mistress.  What kind of man are you?    You're a cheap imitation of what a man is.  Leaving your wife home while you go out and flaunt what you're doing is just so low, I don't even have words to express how disgusted I am in you.  It's one thing to go to the gym while she's home (if that's even what you're doing...and even if it is, it's not like it's going to make you more attractive.  You can't change ugly when it comes from the inside.), it's another to go out in a group with the whole family and leave her out.  

You're such an ugly person.  You've lost weight and done things to change your appearance, but you're ugly INSIDE, and that radiates out...and you can't change that.  No matter what you do, no matter how many trashy people you sleep with, you're never going to feel better about yourself because you'll always be an ugly person.  Everyone sees that now too, your entire EX family.  Yes, Mike, your ex family.  No one wants anything to do with you, everyone is just horrified with your decisions and actions.

Your house is a shell of what it used to be because of you.  Your little world is going to shatter when you realize that your whole family is gone and you have nothing left but your homewrecking woman.  Gross.  A woman like that isn't going to stay with you, Mike.  A woman like that LIKES that you're in a relationship with someone else and enjoys the chase and the secrecy.  Your mistress is going to leave you, Mike.  Maybe not right away, but she will.  You'll no longer be some fun thing, she'll realize the kind of "man" you are and wonder why Mary put up with you for so long.  

You have no idea how disgusted I am with you.  The words in this letter don't express the revulsion I feel for you because of what you did to my aunt.  Blood is thicker than water and YOU ARE NOT MY BLOOD.

  I began writing you this letter long ago, and haven't sent it because I was looking out for my aunt.  Now that she is out of the house and has dismissed you from her life as of today, I feel as if I can send this to you.  I want you to know how deplorable I think you are for every single thing that you've done.  I know that you've been having your mistress over on the weekends.  You can't even spend quality time with your children, especially RYLEE, on the weekends?  Have to have your little fun, right?  Well, think about what that has done to Rylee, having to keep that a secret from Mary.  How do the boys feel about being put in the middle?  You don't care.  You want what you want and it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process. If you think the expensive presents will make up for you not being a real father to your children, think again.  Love isn't bought.  Love is shown through actions, and you are obviously incapable of doing that.

It's not just them who have been hurt either.  Yes, they received the majority of the pain, but what about the rest of your former family?  Where is the uncle that I used to take a Christmas picture with every year?  Where's the uncle that used to let me count to 100 while sitting on his lap?  He's gone.  You're not that person anymore.  You're not a part of my life anymore, and you don't deserve to be.  How dare you send me a text on Thanksgiving telling me to appreciate what I have.  I DO.  I love everything about my life and I cherish the people I share it with.  You are no longer part of that picture.  You've done things to your wife and children that I just can't tolerate. 

Thank goodness Grandma and Grandaddy aren't alive to see this.  What a disappointment you'd be to them.

I hope that you're happy with your choices, Mike.  Disregarding your family's needs for your own selfishness.  Throwing away over 2 decades of memories.  Tossing aside your entire family for a woman who is obviously not much substance if she'll take up with a married man with four kids (Gosh, if she'd do that with you, who's to say she's not going to do that TO you...).  Turning your back on everything that was good in your life.

Don't bother replying to me, this is it for me.  I will no longer spend anymore of my precious time on a disappointment.

I hope the choices you've made follow you for the rest of your life.


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