Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nursery Letters

Ben and I ran some errands today...actually had to get out of the house after relaxing Sunday and Monday.
*Went to Hobby Lobby where I got the nursery letters to paint (see below) and some more canvases.
*Ate lunch at this delish Mexican place.
*Went to Hastings to get the first True Blood novel (and I found A Lion Among Men for $5.99!!!)
*Went to Walmart and got a new phone charger.
*Took our car to the dealership to get the window replaced. (lame)

I need to get the next gauge size at Hot Topic.  I think I'm going to stop at a 2...who knows though. 

Pictures from the 4th:

I painted 3 nursery letter examples.  So far, I have a couple people interested in it, hopefully will get some buyers and make some money doing something I like!

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