Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Had a meeting today to set up my Camp Inventions classroom, funny though, still not at 60 kids, so maybe I just helped out for nothing.  I swear, if the daycare calls me tomorrow....I'll peace out on Camp Inventions.  She's strung me along since the beginning of June.  She's disorganized and tried to make me feel bad today for not wanting to stay and have pizza because Ben and I had errands to run before he went to work.  Give me a break.  I know ONE other person there and would have lunch with her, but I don't really care about staying and getting to know everyone else.  I would rather spend time with Ben.

Got my bike back today!!!  Once I get some energy, I'll take a picture of it.  My plans are to do my P90X cardio workout after I take Ben lunch and then cool down by taking the dogs for a walk.  Until then, I've got the laundry and the dishwasher running.  I think that's good enough.

Some of my scrapbook pages on FLICKR

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