Thursday, July 15, 2010

Information for Children and Parents about dogs:

1. Teach your children not to just run up to every dog.  You don't know if the dog is friendly or if the dog has been around children before.
2. NEVER leave your child unsupervised with a dog that is not on a leash or in a secure area.  Dogs are territorial and protective of their "pack", and that's asking for someone to get bit because the dog is protecting your child.
3. If your child is on a walk with you, please keep them NEAR you, not running up on the heels of people who are walking their dogs.
4. Some people just don't want other people walking up and petting their dogs.  LEARN that.
5. Teach your children that if they're riding a bike and see a dog walking, move to the other side of the street safely. 

These tips should be common sense, but apparently no one in any of the neighborhoods surround mine have any. 

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