Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank goodness THAT'S over...

Here's my actual conversation with the director of camp inventions:
me: Hey, I got my room cleaned up, vacuumed, tables washed, chairs put away, trash is out, and my stuff to mail back is counted and in the box.  What else do I need to do before I leave?
her: OH!  You're not leaving for quite awhile!  There's lots to do!  (said in a laughing, snotty tone)
(at this point, I look around at everything that's already cleaned, and she's just surrounded by stuff she has to inventory and then send back to the organization.)
me: Ok, what do you need me to do so I'm not just standing around?
her:  (ignores me)
me: (I walk out and put my stuff in my car and then come back in) Ok, so what do I need to do?
her: Is your room cleaned?
m: yes.
h: Is your trash out?
m: Yes.
h: Where's your box of stuff to send back? (keep in mind, it's sitting right in front of her)
m: Right there, all counted.  Missing 2 pairs of goggles.
h: Well go take the signs down...and then I guess you can leave. (this is 20 minutes after I asked her the first time.)

Man, I am so glad to be rid of her!

80's party tonight.  Gonna get some clip in colored hair from Hot Topic before going over and getting ready at Katie's.  Heather has some serious arsenal of hair products that will probably take weeks to wash out of my hair.  (totally worth it!)

I gotta go make my leg warmers!

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