Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jobs, To Dos, and Wishes

I applied for 2 more jobs online...just a clerk and an assistant position.  Nothing exciting, but just something to fall back on just in case I don't get hired on at the daycare.  Found out the youth center on base is hiring too, so I'm gonna try that too.  I called and they seemed really excited that I had daycare experience and  was a certified teacher.  Hopefully I'll be doing something that'll pay well, ha.

To Do:
1. Pick up bike (Thanks, Bike Dude in Clovis!)
2. Pick up car
3. File a reimbursement claim... (We thought our dryer was messed up, turns out, our vent was backed up through our wall and so it was Housing's fault...they said we should have called them first.  If your dryer has problems, would YOU think to call Housing?  I contacted Legal and they said we were entitled to file a claim)

MAC Wishlist:
Eyes: freshwater

I should probably go and brush my hair and put on some makeup.  Cramps have kept me from doing almost anything today.

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