Monday, March 1, 2010


So another thing the wonderful government is doing that is really irking me. We were told that as military spouses, we were going to be given the opportunity to go back to school and have a $6000 grant to help cover expenses.
This would be great, as I need to start my Master's Degree.

Well, apparently, without warning, the program was cut. I guess a lot of people signed up for this opportunity.


Instead of supporting people who are obviously bettering themselves and their families and setting a good example for their children, they decided to cut it.

Here's what I think needs to be cut:
People need to PROVE that they can't get a job to be on this, or have a job and just can't make enough. To get this, you must be drug tested and must not drink alcohol. Sorry...wait, no I'm not...these rules need to be strict because people take advantage of them.

Food Stamps:
You must buy foods that will provide you and your children with real substance, not the garbage I see the morons buying with their stamps at Walmart. Really? Do they need the junk food? Why not have it restricted like WIC? If they want a treat, they need to be able to buy it themselves.

I do support this, but again, only for children, pregnant women, and people who aren't abusing substances.

If you choose to ignore the rules, you do not receive help. If you cannot provide for your children, then they will be taken away from you. It shouldn't be that hard to stay clean and try to find a job. If you love your kids, you'll be able to do that. Another main rule for all: you must be a citizen of the United States.
If your country sucks, go fix it. Stop coming here and expecting a hand out. I'm not going to give you one.

My mom was on government help when I was little, but she ALWAYS had a job. She took care of us and wasn't a freeloader.

Ben and I work really hard for our money, and I don't like throwing it all away on people who don't give a shit.

I see this all the time where I work, and these parents DISGUST me. They should be sterilized.

But nope, they'll be taken care of while I better myself and wallow about in student loan debt while I teach their children.

Yeah, that seems fair.

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