Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was a success!

Drove to the heart doctor...had to wait for the pacemaker guys to get there, but everything is good! They adjusted my settings so that I would be able to continue on my Couch to 5K course. Dr. Jewel came in and felt along the incision and told me that everything looked and felt good! I'm pretty thankful. I've been worried and praying about it since before my surgery. That whole situation made me very fearful that I may not live long. I mean, I had a strong chance of dying during my surgery, and it made me look at life a lot differently. I was so afraid of the possibility of leaving Ben, my mom, and all my friends. I've never really talked about it, and now I know I'm OK and I'm going to be OK.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a picture for our room, a trash can for our bathroom, and a brand new bedding set complete with decorative pillows. Got everything with a coupon and the bedding was on sale on top of that! I'd post a picture, but my dear husband is sleeping right now, and I don't want to wake him. He got about 2 hours of sleep before he went with me to Amarillo.

Went to PetSmart too. I love that store and could probably blow a paycheck in there. Almost went home with a really nice cat tree, but we're just not sure where to put it, so we held off. Got Otis a taller feeder, and he took right to it. Got them another rope too. It's one of the few toys that takes them a long time to destroy. Terriers have some strong teeth and jaws!

This will help his digestion/food intake and will prevent Rilo from eating his leftovers!

Didn't get anything at Target. Didn't have the dress I wanted, didn't have any color tights except black and gray (and the gray looked like sweat pants material), and we didn't need any more bathroom stuff because we got it all in Roswell!

Went to Olive Garden for lunch. Some of the LAZIEST hostesses I've ever seen. It was like someone had pressed a remote and put them on slow motion. The manager was up there a couple times and was completely obvious in showing his infatuation of the (way too young for him) hostess. Ben's comment about this: "But, she's not even that pretty..." Yeah, but maybe he's just old and wants someone young. Ew. Anyway, finally got seated and got our food quickly. At first, our waitress wasn't too friendly, but the Ward charm finally wore her down and she was smiling by the end of the transaction.

Now we're home and I'm just chillin' on the couch with all the pets. Somehow, with all their beds scattered around the house, blankets in every room, and ample other furniture to lay on, they find their way to my legs and stomach. It's ok though, I'm not complaining. I love them to pieces.

Yes, Rilo is under there somewhere. She's a burrower.

Margot abandoned my neck to go cuddle with her favorite pit bull. I think it's presh.

My goal for tomorrow is to make another dent in painting the zombie hand/brain.

What are your goals for tomorrow?


FekketCantenel said...

I figure my goal is going to be to forget about the entire afternoon I blew on trolls and hateful people. Seeing your comment on the site was really encouraging, so I think I might succeed.

ashley said...

happy to hear it all went well for you!