Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok, Wednesday, you were a huge jerk.

Had a super crappy day, and here's why:

1. A certain person who sucks up HARD CORE and tells me about all of her problems over and over and over again...
2. The problem with our window is a bigger problem than we originally thought and is going to cost about $400 unless I can find someone who can give me a better deal.
3. I'm all PMSy, so these first 2 problems seemed WAY worse.
4. Land Before Time was on for indoor recess today and I had to be in the room during the sad scene.  That movie ALWAYS makes me cry, but #3 did not help at all.

Here's why I'm going to be OK:
1. I will be spending 2 weeks away from #1.
2. As Ben said, "It's just money.  We can afford it."  Yeah, I know we can, it's just frustrating when I get the run around and when things can't be taken care of right away.
3. Only 4 more days.
4. I will not watch that movie again for a super long time.

Alright, I'm ok.

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Megan Luvs Penguins said...

IM sorry girl - I hope that Thursday brings a much better day for you. <3