Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another day of testing testing testing.  I feel bad for these kids, but we all went through it being in school.  It’s such a stupid system.  It shouldn’t be how you hold kids and teachers accountable.  There has got to be a better way.  There are kids here that were kidnapped and taken to Mexico for 5 years with no schooling and no English.  Yes, they have to take the test.  There are kids who have disabilities who get no extra help with the test.  The language and the way things are worded in some of the questions is so bizarre!  It’s a wonder that teachers and students both don’t lose their mind during this time, especially because the weather is nice.

Reasons why I want to live on-base in Japan, at least for a year:
1.  Most places off-base are apartments.  Without knowing the culture or how to communicate effectively right away will be a huge stress.
2.  While we are getting acclimated to the culture, it will be nice to live around other people who are getting used to it too. 
3.  It feels like it would be a transition into living in Japan instead of just throwing ourselves into it and hoping we’ll do all right.
4.   If we live on base, I will be able to get where I need to go quickly without a car.
5.  There is a chance we could get a yard.
6.  I don’t want to go house/apartment hunting in a foreign country while I’m in the US.  I want to be able to see and walk around in the house/apartment.
7.  We could bring our pets right away and not have to board them at the vet.

That’s all I can think of right now, and I think those are valid reasons for wanting to live on-base.  I’m afraid that Ben is just listening to other people who were over there instead of how I’m feeling. 

Ben and I realized last night that neither one of us has gotten a good night’s sleep since we found out that we are moving.  I figured that it’s just going to get worse once everything starts rolling.  Thank GOODNESS I am a teacher and have the summer off to prepare for it all.  I know that’s going to help Ben a lot with me being able to take care of stuff at home. 

I miss my friends back home.

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