Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Braugh!

All is well in my house.

Spent the day with Alexis.

Got lunch.
Went to Lowes.
Went to Pet Sense and got Rilo a new tag.
Went to Hobby Lobby and got more canvases.
Went to Albertsons to get cheese and sour cream for Ben.
Came home, changed all rabies tags for all pets.
Took dogs to field. Well, tried to, there was an unfriendly man's the story:

Alexis and I were walking our dogs to the field (like we normally do), and there were a couple people in there. As we got closer, they left the field and got into the truck that was parked there. Well, we went in, and they pulled their truck into the middle of the field and got out. I went over and...
Me: Hey, are you guys gonna do something with this field?
Unfriendly Man: Yeah, we're using it for Youth Center stuff. It's for the kids to play in.
M: Oh, I was just wondering because I take my dogs up here all the time, and I know a bunch of other people do too.
UM: (as he tips his body towards my face) Well guess what! Soon, there will be signs up that say NO DOGS.
M: Oh. Ok. I didn't know. I took my dogs here all last summer and never saw anyone besides people with dogs in it.
UM: Well, there are a lot more people here now who want to do sports.
M: *Looks around at the unused field space around the ONE area that's fenced in.* OK.

So I walk away, and tell Alexis. We leave, and I guess he felt bad, because as he drove by us, he said, "We won't be back for 2 weeks."

I guess that gives me time to try and organize something...I'd like to get one of the many open areas in our neighborhood fenced in so that we can have a dog park of some kind. I mean, I know tons of people use that old baseball field for their dogs because our yards are so small. I'm about to go make some emails.

*Continuing from before:
Walked the dogs.
Went to Alexis's house and painted.
Came home, made dinner.
Watched Mad Men.

All in all, I'd say it was quite a successful day.

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