Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I honestly don't understand it...

If I have to spend another day around this teacher before spring break, I may crack. No, I'm not going to crack...I may crack her.
She is completely oblivious to what's going on, and distracted my kids while they were doing the district testing. Didn't care. Then, looked at my list of scores without asking my permission first. MY things, so ask before you touch them. UGH.


I was quite busy today.

Worked (8 hours).
Got our taxes done (1 hour).
Grocery shopped (1 hour).
Picked up Margot (15 minutes)
Cooked dinner/cleaned up the kitchen/put groceries away (30 minutes).
Took care of the pets (15 minutes).

11.5 hours of my day was spent running around like a crazy person. I think I deserve a day off or something.

Oh wait! I'm getting one soon, my spring break is in T-minus 3 days!

PS. Weekends should definitely be longer.

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