Friday, August 6, 2010

Cannon Appreciation Day?

Just got back not too long ago from the festivities on base...
Something the town puts on every year to show their support for the base and the economical value we have here.  This town would be absolutely NOTHING without the support of the base...they would have less business and it would be ruled even more by the devious dairy farmers and the gangs.

So how do they thank us?  Well, they have a raffle!  Sounds fun, right?  What kind of prizes did they offer?

 A couple of these. ($20 at Walmart)

Some cheap looking plastic/wicker patio sets.
A few "nice" hoses.
Some tool sets.
A cooler.
Outdoor chairs.
A couple park benches.
A couple microwaves.
A cheap charcoal grill.
Some childrens' bikes.

And the one nice thing was a TV.

Is that really all you got, Clovis?  For all the business that the base gives you, this is all you donate?  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but if you're going to put on an appreciation day, you might want to look like you appreciate us.
The military are in the community every day spending money and volunteering time and services to make this town less shitty.  I've seen them on the sides of the highways picking up trash that the disgusting people who live here by choice throw out.

And THAT stuff is how you say thanks?


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