Monday, August 30, 2010

The Many Hats I Wear As a Teacher

I'm not just a teacher when I go to work everyday.  I'm something more to each individual student.

Today in the 3 year old room got me thinking about this.

I'm a:
Substitute mommy when you need a hug/praise/or have a boo boo.
Disciplinarian-for when you don't always make the right mistakes.
Your #1 fan-for all the fabulous artwork, singing, dancing, etc...that you do.
Cook-for the lunches and breakfasts that you eat.
Your conscience-for those situations that you question what to do.
The bathroom guarder-for when you want to poop in peace.
A hand washing enforcer-for when you sneeze/cough/or wipe your butt.
Doctor-for when you just don't feel good.
Actress-for doing all the voices in your favorite stories.
Friend-for when you need someone to talk to that isn't your mom or dad.
Your brace-for when you need a little extra help climbing or walking.
Swing pusher-for when your feet don't quite reach the ground.
Kid catcher-for when you're kinda nervous about going down the slide by yourself.
Bear hugger-for when you just need some love or your afraid.
Educator-for when you are ready and willing to learn and grow and become something incredible one day.

Working with these kids, some of which have disabilities, has been really rewarding.

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