Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today was a bit rough.

Things I did today:

1. Cleaned (dusted and cleaned ALL wood surfaces in the house, kitchen, laundry, guest room, gave dogs a bath)
2. Cried (Freddy Mercrabby decided to be a murderer and kill John Lennoncrab for his shell.  I know people will look at the situation like, "They're just crabs", but John was my pet and I'm sad he had to die that way.  I feel really awful about it.)
3. Went to Hobby Lobby (Ben got me oil crayons and a sketchpad!)
4. Found 3 Sookie Stackhouse novels that I didn't have at Goodwill!
5. Ate dinner.
6. Cleaned up scrapbook stuff
7. Got a poster ready to be hung
8. Walked the dogs (while it was sprinkling!  Man, they better know how much I love them!)

I don't think I've had an hour total where I was just sitting down.  Ben and I are about to put together a collage frame we bought over the weekend, so hopefully those all turn out nicely!

Until tomorrow!

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