Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you were a musician before autotune and machines could make your voice sound good, you actually had to have talent...I don't like it that I have to wonder if these people are actually talented or if they're just hand picked by the big wig executives for their looks. 

I think that if you're going to be in the music industry, you should have some musical talent. 
It's not supposed to be a fashion show (predominately).  It's supposed to be about the music, about the words and the way the music flows...it's supposed to make you feel something (other than how well you could grind on someone in a club to it).  I don't care about the musician's makeup, hair, or clothing.  I don't want it to be about all that.  That's not what moves me and makes me feel a connection.

People are lazy.  People are distracted by vanity and appearances and they don't let themselves experience music anymore.  I'm sick of no musical talent hacks who have somehow made it big in the music industry without having real vocal or instrumental talents. 

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