Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I forgot to post these

Before I get started on my long list of "to dos" today, I'll share some pictures from babysitting.

My friends' son is now about 5 months old.  They wanted to go watch Inception, I love babies, so I offered to babysit.  They brought him over and took off.

Have I mentioned that I have a pit bull/korgi who is obsessed with babies?

He came in and immediately submitted to baby James.

Baby James LOVED all the attention he was getting from Otis.

He probably stayed like this for 20 minutes while baby James played with toys and poked at Otis.

They were together almost the whole time.  At one point, Otis had to go check out the guest window, but as soon as baby James made a noise, he came running back in to make sure he was OK.  

I think we've got ourselves a good little watchdog/baby lover for when we have one of our own.  I know that whenever that day arrives, that baby has a best friend waiting for him/her in dog form.  Anyone who has problems with pits or pit mixes just needs to come over to my house and see what a responsible and loving owner can make out of a "dangerous" breed.

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