Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Yeah, I went to Walmart again today)

2 days in a row, I've gone to Walmart.  Yesterday, I went to get groceries and what not, picked up some doggie aspirin for Otis and his poor hurt tail (which is doing MUCH better, thank you for asking!) and some Brewer's Yeast vitamins for their skin and coat.
Today, I went because I had some awesome coupons for some hair stuff and soap that I had been wanting.  Can't beat a good coupon.  While I was there, I found my favorite hairspray on sale for $11.97!


That was the good.

Turns out though, it was restocking the shelves day there and the dumbass employees that they hire were EVERYWHERE.

That was the bad.

Well, while restocking during one of the busiest times of the day to shop, one idiot (manager!) came and got right in front of me while I was bent over looking at a shelf and put her butt directly in my face.  She then proceeded to stand exactly where I was looking for about 3 minutes while talking to another employee...completely ignoring me the entire time.

That was the ugly.

Came home, watched True Blood while I made stir fry (Ben didn't like it, I could tell), and now I'm about ready to sketch out an owl drawing for a painting I'm going to put up for sale.

Newest painting, hoping to sell for $20

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