Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good day Saturday, Lazy day Sunday

Had a lot of fun yesterday in Amarillo.
Got my laptop turned into Best Buy.  Stupid ass old man actually moved from behind me, went beside me, and actually CUT me while we were in line.  Ben says, "You've GOT to be kidding me."  Are we in second grade?  His stuff wasn't even done, they weren't finished with it and hadn't called him about it.  No idea why he was there or why he felt the need to CUT me in line.  I told him he was rude.  However, I did get my stuff turned in and everything is still under warranty!  YAY!

Got my ring cleaned.  Lady there was the same one who had helped me before and was rude again.  Blew her off.  I asked her what I should do since we'll be living in Japan to keep my warranty on my ring.  She says (and this is no joke), "Oh, we have stores in the UK."  I just looked at her all confused.  I said, "Ok, but I'll be living in Japan, not England."  She says (again, no exaggeration), "Well, they're pretty close."  HAHAHAHA, I got a good laugh out of that one.  Also, I thought people who worked in jewelry stores were supposed to be well groomed/dressed.  There was one lady there who had on a skin tight see through white shirt.  I could see her belly button and her skin and her lacy white bra.  Not even a pretty lady either....haha, another good laugh.

Went to Victoria's Secret.  Somehow, this one always manages to not have any small undies in the style that I like. How is that possible?  I mean, I know it is a popular store, but this happens EVERY TIME I go to that particular one.  I've seen the people in Amarillo...there aren't a lot of "smalls" out there. I did find a cute bra and had a $10 off coupon for it.  HOLLER!

Left the mall (no Forever 21 in Amarillo) and drove over to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Ben and I love that freaking store.  Got a HUGE collage frame, a smaller collage frame, some new canisters for our kitchen (we're switching from green to all black and white), a dishsoap dispenser, some plinks, and I think that's it.

I tried to find some stuff at Old Navy, but the only "skinny" jeans they had were not skinny at all.  They made my legs look enormous and the ankles weren't even tight.  Pssh.

Went to PetSmart because we always like to bring back presents to our four leggers, and Ben had already picked out some stuff for Margot.  Here's the haul we brought home for our babies:

 Yeah, they're not spoiled at ALL....

Came home, went out and partied.  Nothing exciting, so no pics to post.

Made a huge brunch today for Ben and our friend Brandon and then we watched Crazy Heart.  Looks like a storm is rolling in which fits this Sunday mood of relaxing and staying in PERFECTLY.  We don't really like to do anything on Sundays except have our big brunch.

Lots to do this week.  Starting on Wednesday, we'll have company for a week and a half straight!

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